Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The verdict: Granola bars

I finally had a chance to make the granola bar recipe yesterday afternoon. They were fairly easy to make and turned out great! They are somewhere between chewy and crisp, so when I try to break off a piece of the bar it sometimes crumbles a bit, but I'm sure that is because there is no HFCS in them to make them gooey.  One other thing I'll make sure to try is to use regular instead of kosher salt. The kosher salt was too coarse to every now and then I'll get a bit that tastes a little too salty. I think using regular salt in a smaller quantity will distribute better throughout the granola mixture.

I love that these are so much more healthy than store-bought granola bars, I know exactly what is in them , they are fresh and pretty inexpensive to make! I am going to try making these with chocolate and butterscotch chips, too, for a sweeter treat!

I used a dried fruit mixture of berries and raisins, and a friend of mine did hers with cranberry and mango. That's the great thing about these, too -- lots of great fruit combinations!

What else is cookin? Well, tonight I think we'll go to Chipotle for dinner, and tomorrow I'm throwing a beef roast in the crock pot to be served tomorrow night with mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots from my garden. Yum!


  1. My one attempt at homemade granola bars came out quite brittle, but you've inspired me to try again! I love making regular granola to eat with yogurt & berries. My grammy & mum's recipe is the best!

  2. Awesome! I'm going to try that granola recipe! Sounds amazing!