Monday, October 3, 2011

Task sheet printable

I have realized more and more how much of a list person I am. I'm a visual person, so seeing a list of things written down in a way my brain can easily understand it is huge for me. I've been using a menu planning sheet that has really been working well for me. It's located here, if you're interested in that. But the area of my life that really needed help was keeping my apartment clean on a daily basis. I don't enjoy cleaning and can feel very easily overwhelmed by everything that piles up and needs to be done, especially in the last year or so while I've been pregnant and then dealing with a toddler and a baby in the house in addition to working part time. Yesterday, I came up with a method that I'm excited about and thought I'd share it for anyone who is interested.

I created a sheet that organizes daily tasks for a whole month in an at-a-glance format. I can print one page out per month and put it on my fridge.

This sheet acts as a guideline for me. I won't necessarily do everything listed every day, but since it has check boxes, I can easily keep track of what I do accomplish and see what I maybe need to do first the next week if I didn't get to it the last week.

I originally created this in InDesign, but I recreated it in Word so anyone can download and use this easily.

Hope you enjoy!